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Kaelyn Jade Huang


Within my artwork, there is an unspoken intimacy that reveals who we are at home when no one is around. Rooms tend to be a reflection of the one creating them and when people see my work, I want them to imagine the person who inhabits the space even if they are not present. In my work, what is hidden is revealed, allowing for the physical world and the mind to unite. Through the manipulation and slight obscurity of form, unsettling realities begin to emerge within the bright colors and patterns that feel so familiar. Patterns and light bend unnaturally creating dreamscapes that allow for the mind to wander past what we know to be true in a physical sense and into our imagination. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in studio art. The University of Texas at Austin, class of 2020.

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2020 - Upcoming Virtual Exhibition "Better for It" - Double East Gallery, Austin Texas

2020 - Virtual Senior Show gallery exhibition "From Afar" - Visual Arts Center, The University of Texas at Austin

2018 - Gallery exhibition - Visual Arts Center, The University of Texas at Austin

2015 - 1st place - TAPPS State Art Champions

2017 - Art display - Fine Arts Library, The University of Texas at Austin

2017 - Art display - FAB Gallery, E. William Doty Fine Arts Building, The University of Texas at Austin

2016 - Art display - Fort Bend Children's Discovery Center

2015 - Gallery exhibition - Main Gallery, School of Visual Arts NYC

2015 - Best of Show, Rosette Award, 1st place - Fort Bend County Art Fair





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